A Different Kind of Hearing Practice

Gary D. Schwartzberg, Au.D., FAAA provides hearing solutions that are more powerful, precise and user-friendly than ever before. The first step towards better hearing is assessment.  Following the hearing evaluation, Dr. Schwartzberg thoroughly explains the findings and if amplification is indicated, discusses the best options currently available.  Although his practice specializes in the most advanced hearing technology available, it takes more than that to optimize an individual’s hearing.  He and his staff believe that it is essential to educate, involve, and empower the patient in order to gain the maximum benefits of hearing instruments.  

Commitment to Follow-up

Dr. Schwartzberg recognizes that effective follow-up is a process in itself.  Hearing impairment often occurs gradually, and therefore, the recovery of forgotten sounds should be gradual as well.  It takes time to relearn to “tune into” the important sounds and “tune out” meaningless ones.  We work patiently through this adaptation process, making subtle adjustments to get the best from a hearing aid without overwhelming the individual with new sounds.  The approach leads to greater overall acceptance of new hearing instruments.  

Experience You Can Trust  

Dr. Schwartzberg has over 30 years of experience providing help to those with hearing impairment. He and his staff, Angela Stendel in Rockport and Kimberly Davis in Waterville, are committed to helping people function at their best through better hearing. Ms. Stendel, practice manager and graduate of the Nova Southeastern University audiologist’s assistant program, manages both offices and assists patients with hearing aid maintenance and repairs. Ms. Davis is the front office coordinator and Audiology Assistant in our Waterville office. Having completed the Audiology Assistant Program through Nova Southeastern University, she provides patients with hearing aid maintenance, in house repairs, and instrument troubleshooting. She is happy to help schedule your appointments, and always provides exceptional patient service. Using this team approach, patients’ concerns and needs are met in a timely fashion. Exceptional patient care is always their first priority.

Humanitarian Efforts

We believe that every individual is entitled to the best possible hearing health care available. As a community-minded practice, we are privileged to have the opportunity to help those in need of hearing assistance, including those with limited financial resources. We are, therefore, proud to participate with the Starkey Hearing Foundation's Hear Now program. Hear Now is a non-profit program that provides assistance to individuals and families with limited financial resources. New and reconditioned hearing aids are provided to low-income individuals. Eligibility is determined through an application and approval process. Information and applications can be obtained at our office or by contacting the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Starkey Hearing Foundation HEAR NOW, 6700 Washington Ave., South Eden Prairie, MN 55344 1-800-648-4327 www.sotheworldmayhear.org.

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